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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

I like what they're doing with Jim & Pam. After making them the token romance of the entire show they've found a believable way to put their relationship in serious jeopardy that makes neither of them the bad guy.

I don't like the way they handled Andy. I mean, Office has relied too much on the 'good guy/bad guy' romance. First, Pam: Good guy Jim, bad guy Roy. Then Angela: Good guy Dwight, bad guy Andy. Then Erin: Good guy Andy, bad guy Gabe. Then Erin: Good guy re-Jim, bad guy Andy. Enough already with the trope!

After working so hard to make Andy likeable they should have wrote him out in a way that stayed likable instead of self-destructing him.

And I like the way they incorporated the camera crew, I thought that was clever. The only previous time they've acknowledged the concept that the office is being filmed for a television show is when Michael took off his mic in his final scene.

And I like the way they're giving Dwight all the hero moments this season. The way he handled the Angela/Oscar situation was paragon-like. This season we're seeing far more of his likable qualities than his obnoxious ones.

My general feeling of the Office is this.
Season 1: B
Season 2: A
Season 3: A-
Season 4: D-
Season 5: C-
Season 6: B+
Season 7: C+
Season 8: C-
Season 9: B-

After the very beginning when the show was great, the show descended into predictable gimmickry for a few years. The show was revitalized a little by the Sabre acquisition and the character of Gabe, and then they focused an entire season on Michael's ending and a new CEO, Robert California, who ended up being a waste of James Spader who was far more interesting in concept than in execution. But I like this season and the gut wrenching schism between Jim and Pam. I'm excited to see how this turns out.

It's a shame if Steve Carrell isn't going to come back for a final appearance. It'd be gratifying to see him walk in carrying a baby, then interact with the group as equals for the first time. Almost as bad as Cuddy not appearing in the House finale.

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