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Re: Borg Assimilation Requirements

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But then you have the strange oddity that apparentally assimilating Earth the day before Cochrane's warp flight as considered a viable option by the Collective, despite Earth of 2063 having worse technology than the Kazon
In that case, the Borg probably decided to go proactive and wipe out the Federation before it could ever exist.
Okay, but why assimmilate technologically primitive humans? Even with just one sphere, laying waste to the planet should have been an easy enough task. If it wasn't, head to the Delta Quadrant, allow the 21st century Collective to upgrade to 24th century levels, return to Earth with a fleet. Or hell, just laying waste to Cochrane's missle silo and destroying the Phoenix (which they started doing anyway) should have been enough to prevent the Federation from forming. Assimilating a practically pre-warp world which was almost post-apocalyptic makes no real sense at all for people who proritize technology and are known to have rejected a spacefaring civilization as being too primitive.
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