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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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Or IDW just wants to restart the numbering. They've done that with their ongoing Doctor Who series once or twice (also around the 20-24 issue mark).
Revise those numbers downward.

The first ongoing series (the tenth Doctor, Emily, and Matthew) ran 16 issues and an annual. The second ongoing series (the eleventh Doctor, Amy, and Rory) also ran 16 issues and an annual. The first series ended because Tennant's era was long since over; IDW had assumed that BBC America was going to show "The End of Time" on a several months delay. The second series ended to make room for Assimilation2; until very recently IDW has avoided offering more than two Doctor Who comics a month.

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It's not true. IDW is soliciting issue #21 in the March PREVIEWS.
Hmm - I hope that's the case. I'll mention it on Trekmovie. Maybe they mean the origin stories conclude with issue 20?
You don't need to hope. It really is the case.
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