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Re: Star Trek Toys of the 1970s

IMHO, most Star Trek related toys in the 70's and 80's really sucked. I'll never forget seeing those "phaser" atrocities drummed up by some incompetent fabricators. And when AMT made the Exploration Set models mini-size (in addition to badly inaccurate), I was sorely disappointed. I didn't like the Mego dolls, because they didn't look right to me and those light blue plastic phasers looked absolutely ridiculous. Later, Micro Machines did a fair job with the micro scale ships, but I never cared for what Playmates experimented with. Their phaser was alright, but still lacking. But now you're talking 1990's when companies started to make at least a half-baked attempt at doing something close to the original design.

Of course, today a lot of the vintage toys are considered collectible and some dolls will fetch a handsome reward. It boggles my mind. I still see it all as just poor crap. It wasn't until Art Asylum came out with their version of the TOS phaser when I could say "Yes, now THIS is what I would have liked when I was a kid!"
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