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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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maybe the events from the movie sequel are going to change the format?
Issue #1s sell well, so I'd expect to see a "Series II" of the ongoing comic to turn up after the inevitable run of sequel and prequel mini-series (like "Spock Reflections" and "Nero", which both did very well, IIRC) and expanded-scenes script adaptation to the next movie.

So following the McCoy (#17 - which I quite enjoyed), we have a solo Uhura (#18), then Scotty (#19), then a Sulu & Chekov teamup (#20) to finish up.
I hope the Uhura one-shot focuses on her and not on her relationship with Spock - ah who am I kidding she's a girl, of course it's going to be about her love for her man.

Looking forward to the Sulu/Chekov story. It's a shame that the Rand/Keenser team up just got bumped by the cancellation! Actually, all joking aside, I would seriously have liked to see a Chapel one-shot added to the list.
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