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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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My point was that's what the anarchists and kibbutzniks tried
But kibbutz's only worked while in semi-isolation. In time, kibbutz members grew dissatisfied with the growing stratification and inequality within the kibbutz system. This is what lead to the semi-collapse if the kibbutz system in the 1980's. People in the kibbutz saw people in the surrounding capitalist systems about them "getting ahead" when they work harder or smarter than the others within their own societies. They (perhaps naturally) want this for themselves and their families.

Today in the remaining kibbutz, there are now differences in pay based on the work individuals do. Privatization of various services, including medical and education. Transfer of commonly held kibbutz property into the ownership of individual kibbutz members.

Traditional kibbutz simply could not compete with the non-kibbutz world. They start to bleed their best people. They only work (as I said) in semi-isolation.

*** (Does anyone know the plural of "kibbutz?") ***

The anarchist's systems in Spain were short lived, it's impossible to know if they would have work over a protracted period of time.

It doesn't make any difference how good and equitable a system sounds, if in the end it simply doesn't work.

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Never mind needless economic disparity, geo-political crises or ecological catastrophes.
Viewing the multi-decade results of the "worker's paradises" of Communist Russia and China, I find the capitalistic system far superior (but not perfect), thank you.

Don't believe me? Breath the air in any western capital city, then travel to the Chinese capital city today and do the same without a filter mask. There's your true "ecological catastrophe."

Substituting a percentage of people being poor, with everyone being equally poor, nice compromise.

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge
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