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Re: Borg Assimilation Requirements

I think a rule of thumb for the Star Wars universe should be: If you've seen one as a Jedi, the Borg would want them.

And Jar Jar's race...well, they're definitely not worthy of assimilation, but the Borg might destroy them anyway out of annoyance.


They might not be interested in the jaffa just because of their chemical dependency, but they definitely would be in gu'ald. Nox, Asgard, even better, though they might have some kind of innate defenses. Ancients definitely have innate defenses. Rayth, probably not for same reason as jaffa.


Might see cylons as inferior copies of same technology but would definitely want resurrection from them.


They'd probably take any of these races, but all the ancient races would also probably be immune.
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