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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

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different rights for different people, but none of it particularly malevolent or detrimental
Rights must be shared by all. Equality that is not absolute has no meaning.
Not every Member species in the Federation would necessarily want the identical rights. And some species wouldn't want certain right for others, because they don't want that particular right for themselves. So each species civilization would have it's own separate rights, responsibilities and restrictions. Unique to each species needs and wants.

For example, the majority of the species in the Federation might have the "right" to genetic engineering, to alter and change themselves and their children as they see fit. However the Human species have a prohibition on such engineering and the other Members of the Federation respect this and don't (legally) engage in the genetic engineering of Humans. One Federation species guaranteed right, is another Federation species illegal act.

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... given the greater diversity of species and cultures and environments, but the mechanisms for leveling out inequality would be the same: discrimination
In order to achieve equality, either you are pushing me forward to your level, or possibly I'm retarding you back to mine. At what point does this effort at equality became oppressive inequality for both of us?

It's like in grade school, does the entire class hang back for the benefit of the slowest kid in the class. Or are all the student require to keep up with the smart kid. We might all be equal in the eyes of the law, but in reality none of us is truly the same.

absolute standards
Given the number of Federation Member species, and the likely sizable number of individuals and groups from worlds outside the Federation living within it, applying absolutes is a ridiculous concept. They can't realistically be applied to such a diverse assemblage.

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A stable, united, peaceful, civilized planet I guess. If we had warp speed I do not think 21st century earth would be a good candidate.
Oh, we just might be. While there are still wars, the majority of the planet is (currently) at peace. While the various governments are not united, increasingly the people around the world are, we communicate with others internationally. I see civilization on this world, the "uncivil" people are the exception. Stable is the variable requirement, our cultures and technology are obviously in flux.

Today, I think Humans would make excellent Federation members.

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if you wanted, you could apply to become a United States citizen
Or, the next time we have a Presidential election, just fly into one of the states that doesn't check photo identification and vote to your heart's content.

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