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Re: White House Petition to Restore/Preserve and Move the Enterprise M

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Petition signature #44.

I remember the first time I saw the Enterprise at the NASM in 1978. It was such a wonderful experience to see her strung in mid-air, in real life! For me, at that moment I realized how important an inspiration Star Trek had been to the US space program. TOS had inspired me to dream about going into space like no other program had before it.

For the above reason, if no other, the Enterprise should be a part of the NASM, rather than relegated to a pop culture museum. Like it or not, TOS was, indeed, an inspiration and public relations tool for NASA and the US space program. Whether the old girl should be in the gift shop or placed in a major display is, in my opinion, a judgement call.

I agree with those who state that it should be 'historically accurate' rather than what some may remember or envision... warts and all, as they say. It was a poor decision to replace original labeling with something else. When I saw the Enterprise at the NASM, I marveled at the level of detail which I could not see on my B&W 13" television. To coin a cliche, "History came alive" that day. This should be the goal of any restoration: historical accuracy.
May I ask why you signed the petition, if you think that the model "should be a part of the NASM, rather than relegated to a pop culture museum", since the petition is to move it to the Museum of American History?
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