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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Andorian Porn.
B is for Beltane IX, a major shipping and commerce hub and site of a border clash with the Tholians.
C is for Cardassian literature.
D is for Deltan Twister. Also known as foreplay.
E is for Endeavour, the only Federation starship that survive the Battle of Wolf 359.
F is for Fizzbin.
G is for Gay Disco. At 22:00 on the holodeck. Be there or be hetero-sexual.
H is for Hopping. The big White Rabbit on the recreation planet did this in front of McCoy's eyes.
I is for Iconian Gateway.
J is for J.J. Abrams
K is for Kahless. The Klingon who set the mold for his people. Even though he turned out to be short.
L is for Lore. He was a bad, baaad 'bot.
M is for Monkey. Janeway was marooned with one once.
N is for No Smoking. For some reason, some late 23rd century transporter pads had this warning hanging nearby.
O is for Optical Data Network. A fancy term for fiber optics. which we use NOW.
P is for Phasers on Stun!
Q is for Quantum slopstream drive.
R is for Romaine, Lt. Mira Romaine. Another in a long line of well-endowed female crewmembers.
S is for Spock's brain... It's gone! D:
T is for Tall. Janice Rand's hair early in her Starfleet career was tall. Really tall.
U is for Undiscovered Country. From whose bourn no traveller returns.
V is for Vests. Some 23rd and 24th century Captain's uniforms also came with vests.
W is for Warp bubble.
X is for Xindi-Avians. Long extinct but still legendary.
Y is for Yellow eyes. Data's yellow eyes that is.
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