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Re: TNG Caption This! 304: Love is in the atmosphere...

Worf: On my planet, you would be considered too soft for a Klingon.

Is that anything like a strap-on? Cause I was going to say the same thing about you.

Data: "I am ze captain, and you are ze first mate. Promotions will follow quickly!"

Isn't that...Pepe LePew?

Data: I pierce you with the phaser bolt of love, flowerpot!

Picard: Would you do me the honor of making me your baby daddy?

Wesley: You're not my real dad!

Beverly: Shut up, Wesley! He's got a job and a car!

Wesley: It's a dune buggy!

Guinan: A "Kiss on the Lips" is just a drink, Lal.

Lal: Oh. Is that like when the Captain orders a "Slippery Bald Beaver?"

Guinan: Not really.

Q: The card says, from Jean Luc Skywalker to...Princess Beverleia?

Beverly: Tell him to polish his own light saber. I'm not wearing the bikini.

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