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Re: No attempt to clone The Big Bang Theory yet?

The show certainly is offensive to nerds who are not secure in their "nerdliness." I love being a nerd but I realize not everyone wants to be stereotyped.

I can't say that I agree at all at the comparisons made between TBBT and Two and Half Men. I know that they have the same creator and new episodes are broadcast together... but I've been exposed to several episodes of Two and Half Men unwillingly (either working with the TV on and couldn't reach the remote or at someone else's house who insist on watching it and I can't bring myself to speak of how uncreative it is) and I must say there are no similarities beyond lame sex jokes and a laugh track. I don't mind the lowbrow humor, I just don't find it funny or entertaining. And that goes for every other shitcom on TV today. But I don't feel that way about TBBT.

TBBT often uses plot devices and themes that are entrenched in science fiction, real science or otherwise situations that revel in the joy of nerdiness (new comic books, the release of a classic film with several seconds of new footage, blowing a shitload of cash on a movie prop, etc). Even if the nerd references are lame, I can relate to the scenarios as a willing member of the nerd subculture and it thrills me that any sort of representation in mass media even exists. Whether or not it is of value or it is commendable is certainly open to debate.

Playing a D&D game to get Sheldon into the Christmas spirit was very amusing. What else happened recently... I loved the one where they got standed on the way to a Trek convention... although it was mighty predictable (as soon as they drove off I knew they would never make it ) but damn entertaining... Sheldon as Data was borderline creepy at how well he sort of resembled Spiner!

All I've ever been exposed to on Two and Half Men is the same lame ass dating scenario where Charlie Sheen gets lots of sex and Joy Cryer gets none. It borders on Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner in terms of how repetitive it is, and with all the fun taken out of it to boot! I recently sat through a (new?) episode where Cryer was trying to have a threesome. It was some tired ass bullshit television. Lame sex joke after lame sex joke after lame ass sex joke. Hahaha, women and men are wired differently. Roll credits. Of course TBBT does this but they do it in a way that makes it interesting... for example, Katie Sackoff shows up in Howard's fantasy to remind him that he has the affections of a real woman.
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