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I can see where you're coming from, but I actually felt that was pretty clever and fit with one of the lines from the end of Beck's Beginning, where Tron's like "there'll be a lot of failures before we make progress." If there'd been a huge ground swell of support too early for what's essentially a one man rebellion, it would've cheapened the whole struggle to build the uprising, along with Beck's development. Beck's decision to not make Mara part of the uprising at the end of that episode showed that he was starting to mature as a leader, because he wasn't willing to risk the life of one of his most committed supporters (and friend) so early in the process, instead allowing her to keep on spreading the word and potentially swaying more programs to join the movement.
And it would've been fine if they'd started with that but then had him gradually have some success as the season went on. Then there would've been an arc. As it was, every one of his attempts to win recruits in the final third of the season ended up in failure, and the one character who turned out to have been allied with Tron all along was killed off -- so not only was Beck right back where he'd started, but he'd actually lost ground. And that just feels like the standard conceit of an episodic TV series that doesn't want to mess with the status quo. It felt like the way TV was done decades ago, when everything had to be reset at the end, when the quest wasn't a genuine arc but just an excuse to move the character from situation to situation.
The implication of the end of the finale (at least the part before Clu shows up) is that Able's garage crew (plus Bartik and Hopper) is now the core of a larger uprising, since they stood between Pavel and the Renegade, so for once, Beck got a clear victory, even though he lost a lot of people along the way. That said, I do agree that Beck probably should've had a few more successes along the way to balance things out, but I felt like his lack of success wasn't that big a negative since it fit the dark tone of the show.
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