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Re: Canceled Shows: If they were popular from the start

I agree that Firefly would probably fare better with audiences now that it did back then. The space sci-fi field was a bit crowded back then, whereas it's almost deserted now (aside from Doctor Who & The Clone Wars).

Still, it wouldn't hurt if Joss could try to come up with names that aren't completely counterintuitive or vague. Serenity doesn't sound like an action movie. Firefly tells you absolutely nothing about the show itself. And Dollhouse really confuses everyone when they first hear it, even if the metaphor is suitable.

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I do think that the overtly "Western" trappings on FIREFLY initially confused and/or turned off some people. I know that, among my own circle of friends, it caused some head-scratching and took a little getting used to.

"Is it supposed to look like a cowboy movie?"

"I think that's kinda the idea, yes."

"Oh. Not sure what I think about that."
I think America currently has a very ambivalent relationship with Westerns. There was a poll not too long ago (on NPR or something) about which cancelled TV shows would you most want to see come back on the air. The top 2 vote getters were Firefly & Deadwood.

Then there was Cowboys & Aliens. I had been reading about the movie for a while online but most people had never heard of it. I recall seeing one of the first trailers for it in a packed theater (opening weekend of either Iron Man 2 or Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 as I recall). And when the title "Cowboys & Aliens" came up, you could hear half the audience groan with dread while the other half went "Huh?"

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So far I haven't come across any tv shows which were almost impossible to figure out eventually.
It's more an issue of how much initial patience the show asks of its audiences. Wonderfalls was a great show but with a quirky premise and a subtle tone that made it hard to really put across the idea in 30 second spots.

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There's also the time-honored "X meets Y" formulation.

"It's BUFFY meets DEADWOOD."

"It's GOSSIP GIRL with elves and fairies!"

"It's THE SOPRANOS--in space!"
Lost Girl-- "It's like Angel but with lots more fucking."

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Firefly - Western in Space, that's what went around and why Firefly was dismissed by so many initially. I really wish the internet archive had a TrekBBS snapsot when Firefly premiered. A lot of people didn't give it a chance based on that.
OTOH, in my circle of friends, I've found that Firefly was generally a much easier sell than Buffy/Angel. Even though I'd say Buffy/Angel was the much better series, my friends seem to find spaceships far more appealing than vampires. Go figure.

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Imagine what could've been if they had given Earth: Final Conflict a second season instead turning it into some worthless piece of crap that only kept some minor details?
Awhile ago I was watching season 5 of Earth: Final Conflict. It seemed like a completely different tv show, than the previous seasons. No taelons.

(Besides the first and fifth seasons, I haven't really watched the other seasons, other than some random episodes).
They basically made it worse with every season because they tried to "fix" what didn't need fixing.

At the end of season 4 the showrunners merged the Taelons with a competing alien race to get those space vampires (failed attempt to merge two offshoots of an ancestral race back together). That's when they flushed even the last reasons to be still watching that train wreck down the drain.
Guess after the terrible seasons 2-4 they wanted to create something so bad, it actually made the previous ones seem almost bearable.
I actually started the show with Seasons 3 & 4 and only recently got around to seeing Season 1. Personally, I'd say that Season 1 is a bit overrated and Season 4 is way underrated. I loved all of the conniving backstabbing going on between Sandoval & Zo'or in Season 4. Plus, I thought Liam Kincaid was a much more charismatic lead than William Boone. (Season 5 was certifiable, unmitigated shit but I've never heard anyone dispute that.)
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