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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Whoo! On the Mattel front, we get some awesome DC news.

The Batman, Penguin, and Riddler that we saw before were shown, along with a Surfing Contest Batman Also, a Batman and Robin two-pack with a wall to climb! Apparently, this two-pack will be the only way to get Robin. That's just a stupid move. Joker and Catwoman are confirmed as in the works, but not on display.

Fire was revealed for Club Infinite Earths. Now, bring on Ice. You can't have one without the other.

Batman Unlimited series 3 will include:
Red Rain Vampire Batman
Batman Beyond (with wings this time!)
Damian Wayne Robin

I've been wanting a Damian forever! It's also great to get a more accurate Batman Beyond figure. The Vampire Batman will be another cool variant to add to my Batshelf.
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