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Re: a 198'' model of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A

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Hi everyone

this is my first time posting here and am a bit nervous posting about this project.

My name is Stephane Pepin, i live in Canada, near Montreal. About a month ago I started working on this project with my wife and came to realize that this could possibly interest a lot of people.

Sixteen feet and a half long model of the Enterprise? You can't be serious!?!

I am a retired prop maker and still have my studio with all the tools, including a cnc router table, alps printers to name a few. 15 years experience in crafting all sorts of things. Being retired means i see all those tools doing nothing and it breaks my heart.

This is not a commercial venture of any kind (besides i despise money) This is just a fan who LOVES the Enterprise and wants to build a model large enough so that all sorts of crazy details can be built inside... Polarlight's version is still a bit too small for the sort of details i'd like to put in..

At 16 1/2 feet long a shuttlecraft is about 5 inches long and this is large enough to even model the inside... Little figures would be an inch tall!!! Man this is so totally cool!!!

the truth is that i want to build her deck by deck with everything inside along with it. it's crazy, i know, doin' it just the same. This is an invitation to other fans of the ship who would like to participate.

I could go on babbling all day but i don't want to take to much of your time. It's sunday afternoon and still have a few hours of free time and would very much like to get back to working on the Enterprise

So if you folks are interested I'll post more details of what i have in mind and we could discuss it.


for the right price id buy one of those shuttles
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