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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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Actually, I have never heard of "Walla Walla Public School" before, but I imagine its very nice.
Not even the real meaning?

You do realise you are dealing with someone who has only just memorised what IIRC means (Oh dammit!)?
My bad... WWJS = What Would Jesus Say, so I'm asking
WWPS... What Would Picard Say.

I mean those discussions about the prime directive and non-interference in alien cultures were frequent and heavy-handed, and kind of spelled out what Starfleet was 'supposed' to do.

Not that that ended up happening in many cases.

Now in the case at hand, here's a guy (Nero) who exterminated an entire world and wants to go down with his ship. He tersely gets granted his wish by a cocky Kirk and bereaved Spock and goes out in a hail of gunfire, so to speak.

I don't see the issue with what is typical or not in terms of Starfleet. Even a seasoned Kirk once said of the Klingons, "Let them die..."
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