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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Logopolis (Fourth Doctor).

The final adventure of the Fourth Doctor and probably the best story of season 18. This opinion may change once I get hold of copies of Meglos and The Keeper of Traken but I have a feeling it will probably stand.

The Fourth Doctor is given a hell of a swan-song. Save the Universe from a wave of entropy that the people of Logopolis were trying to prevent by creating small pocket universes such as E-Space. Although the Doctor and Master ultimately succeed in creating another CVE, I was glad that the writer didn't take the easy way out and have the whole universe be saved. Making the Master responsible for the death of billions, including Nyssa's people, give the character a menace that he never had before. We've heard of all the terrible things the Master has done, and now we've seen one in action even though it was incidental.

The concept of the Watcher was interesting. I know it's something that we've seen before in the Third Doctor serial, Planet of the Spiders. Cho-Je was a projection of the future form of K'anpo, the Doctor's mentor. It's a concept I wouldn't mind seeing again in a future regeneration.

Castrovalva (Fifth Doctor).

There is a good story here but it feels like it has been stretched to fill four parts. If the Master programed Adric to enter the time/space coordinates for Castrovalva into the Tardis console and forged the databank entry, then why did the Master first try to have the Doctor and his companions destroyed in the Big Bang? He obviously worked out a complicated plan. He wanted to see the Doctor's face before he killed him, why the sudden change of heart?

I enjoyed the homages to past Doctors in this serial. Peter Davison did well in mimicing the dialog and manerisms of the First, Second and Third Doctors. While I understand the symbolism of of unraveling the Fourth Doctor's scarft and tearing apart the waistcoat, I'm not sure if it was neccessary. Honestly, it ticked me off a little.

I know Tegan and Nyssa stay with the Doctor for sometime and I hope they will work out. Tegan, at least for the time being, is coming across as a whiner and that type of character grates on me fast. Hopefully the writers will give her more to do later.

In some ways I can see Anthony Ainley mimicing Roger Delgado in his performance as the Master. He is at times menancing and quiet in his calculation. Then he laughs manically aand I know he's putting his own spin on the character. It looks like over the top may be the way of it in this incarnation.
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