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Re: Canceled Shows: If they were popular from the start

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If Bosom Buddies had stayed on the air, would Tom Hanks be one of those guys like Michael J Fox or Ted danson with a few hit movies but a big TV career?
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^ If that show had lasted longer, Hanks would have probably left. His film career was already starting to take off, amirite? Famous actors like him rarely do TV for long.
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^ He had no film career to speak of, according to IMDB before Bosom Buddies he had done one episode of the Love Boat and some role in a movie called He Knows You're Alone.
But if the show had lasted longer, Hanks would probably not have stayed for the whole thing, because the longer the show lasted, the more likely it would conflict with his film career when it DID take off.
But you're assuming his film career would have taken off.

Think Tom Selleck. Sure he had a few movie hits but he's basically a TV actor. And, in one case, his TV show (Magnum) kept him from a role that might have made him a huge movie star.

If BB had stayed on the air its entirely possible it would have kept Hanks from making some of those movies.

Or, to use Fox and Dansen and comparisons again: Both MJF and TD had hit shows they didn't quit. Both had some successful movies. In the case of MJF, some were hugely successful. But, after a few years, Fox's movie career faded. He went back to TV and (Parkinsons aside) tended to stay there.

Hanks had a huge hit, Splash, followed by Bachelor Party, but then a series of films that weren't successful: Money Pit, Nothing in Common, Every Time we Say Goodbye, the Man with One Red Shoe...even Dragnet wasn't a big hit IIRC. And, again, after "Big," a series of flops until "A League of Their Own" in early 90s.

If, during that time, Hanks had still been on BB, would he have really quit the show? And would the show have prevented him from taking one or more of the films that were hits and made him a superstar?
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