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What is your serenity, your bliss?

Thread title is the question, if you don't mind sharing what is bliss - serenity to you? I am not talking about the Firefly movie of course. Have you ever experienced a moment of serenity?

My serenity is being out in the middle of a grassy field surrounded by trees. The sunlight shining through the tree leaves and branches, just the sound of nature with a slight breeze. Just the sounds and the soft breeze. I haven't unfortunately experienced this for more than a fleeing second. I live in a populated area and the sound of nature is drowned out by human activity. That is one of the reasons I am looking at 248 acres of seclusion in northern Georgia mountains, it took me a while but I found my serenity and I am reaching for it.
I like digging holes! Which turns out is quite helpful for things like Aquaponics and Home-building.
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