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The show did eventually win me over -- I hated its design style and jerky animation at first, but got used to them and became somewhat invested in the storytelling. But I think it was hampered in later episodes by a reluctance to modify the status quo. We got a bunch of episodes about Beck trying to recruit new members for the uprising and failing every single time. If you're going to put Uprising in the title of your show, you should include an actual uprising, which means a popular movement, not just one guy and his mentor. It would've worked better if we'd actually seen Beck build a following over the course of the season.
I can see where you're coming from, but I actually felt that was pretty clever and fit with one of the lines from the end of Beck's Beginning, where Tron's like "there'll be a lot of failures before we make progress." If there'd been a huge ground swell of support too early for what's essentially a one man rebellion, it would've cheapened the whole struggle to build the uprising, along with Beck's development. Beck's decision to not make Mara part of the uprising at the end of that episode showed that he was starting to mature as a leader, because he wasn't willing to risk the life of one of his most committed supporters (and friend) so early in the process, instead allowing her to keep on spreading the word and potentially swaying more programs to join the movement.

Plus I liked the fact that the good guys weren't really winning, just keeping their own against the occupation. It's a nice contrast with shows that go too far in having the good guys win too much or having them get shit on all the time. Having programs not join for their own personal reasons or just because they didn't have the right mindset also helped humanize the whole situation - honestly, how many people are really willing to give up their place in life in exchange for taking up a cause that could easily end in death? The fact that most potential recruits said "not for me" is a lot more realistic than having every one of them be totally into the cause from the moment they appeared.
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