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Re: Basic Science Question - "fabric" of space

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The Higgs boson was only inferred by the mathematics, rather than observed in reality, and its existence was not proven--until it was.
I hope you're aware that it has still not yet been confirmed that the "previously unknown boson" discovered at CERN in 2012 really was the Higgs boson or not. That determination won't be made until mid-2013.

As far as I am concerned, until it's official, its not official.
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Yep, from

The probability of the observed signal being due to a random fluctuation of the background is about 1 in 3 × 10^6. The new particle is a boson with spin not equal to 1 and has a mass of about 125 giga–electron volts. Although its measured properties are, within the uncertainties of the present data, consistent with those expected of the Higgs boson, more data are needed to elucidate the precise nature of the new particle.
The paper reports that certain fermion decay modes, theoretically predicted for a low mass (<135 Gev) Higgs boson, do not yet exhibit a statistically significant signal in the data.
Whoops! I stand corrected. Thanks, guys.
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