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Re: Maybe the Villian Was Originally Khan?

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[I would argue that TWoK is barely about the Genetically Engineered Superman we saw in Space Seed. If it wasn't for the fact that Montalban reprised his original Space Seed role (at least in character name) and a couple of references back to some details of Space Seed, it would have been very difficult to determine that the plot of TWoK was any kind of Space Seed sequel at all.

TWoK had almost nothing at all do do with the "Genetically Engineered Supermen who would rule the world" plot. It was simply about what happens after one of those Supermen goes mad with revenge.

I loved TWoK for what it was -- it was a great film. However, I would love to see a REAL Space Seed sequel featuring one or more of the Botany Bay's genetically engineered super-humans in the 23rd century Federation (I mean a cool and calculating one with all his wits about them -- not one who's gone mad). I'm not saying this film will be that -- although it might. And if it were, it would NOT be a TWoK rehash; it would be a true sequel to Space Seed.
I agree with this. There was really nothing about the genetically engineered superman angle other then Khan mentioning he had a superior intellect. Khan only showed his super strength once IMO. It was when he lifted Chekov with one arm on Ceti Alpha V. I don't consider Khan throwing a few debris around the Reliant at the end of the movie as a show of super strength b/c we have no way of assessing how much that weighs, but we do know how much a human around Chekov's size would weigh.

If it wasn't for Khan lifting Chekov (and then mysteriously pulling him down) while he interrogates him and Captain Terrell on Ceti Alpha V, I would never guess they were people that had any type of superior strength and intellect. Hell Khan's followers in TWOK all seemed like doped up hippies anyway, hardly a MENSA crowd. When I was a kid this plot point was completely missed by me.

By the way, this is my first post back to the TREKBBS in over 3 years!! It's good to be back, the new movie brought me back!! This place sure has changed since back in 2000.
Well, their superior intellect would be implied by the ease with which they were able to figure out how to use the systems on the Reliant and "fly" it.
Of coures, contrast that with the "book learning" version of really manning a starship, where they had no idea about prefix codes, and later in the movie, Khan's battle tactics were two-dimensional.
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