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Re: Maybe the Villian Was Originally Khan?

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...If it wasn't for Khan lifting Chekov (and then mysteriously pulling him down) while he interrogates him and Captain Terrell on Ceti Alpha V, I would never guess they were people that had any type of superior strength and intellect. Hell Khan's followers in TWOK all seemed like doped up hippies anyway, hardly a MENSA crowd. When I was a kid this plot point was completely missed by me...
It's more than that. They could have even overtly told us they had superior intellect a strength in TWoK, but it still did not utilize/exploit the potential storylines that were alluded to in Space Seed.

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By the way, this is my first post back to the TREKBBS in over 3 years!! It's good to be back, the new movie brought me back!! This place sure has changed since back in 2000.
Welcome back!
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