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Re: What were they thinking? AVENGERS style TREK

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Why don't you think it - the concept of a TREK team up - would work?
Because no one but trekkies would care.
People cared about The Avengers. And the 09 film, a team-up too as Franklin explained.
But the ST09 "team" had a history (TOS) and the Avengers have a history of cartoons and comic books.

The Avengers also formed a perfect unit, just as the seven in ST09 are supposed to do. They're almost organic combinations.

An "all star" movie of captains and first officers wouldn't be like that at all. It would be too contrived. First, it would be contrived in how they get together from across time. Second, it would be contrived in how the "work" in solving the conflict is divided up (do we want Janeway to do this or Picard; should Sisko lead the ships into battle or Kirk; is someone the "leader" of the captains; should Archer be the ultimate hero or should it be Kirk).
And, no clashes of egos among all them? We're pretending these are real people rather than freakish superheroes, after all. A coming together of this group may be rather nasty, really, or at least "un-Avenger-like."
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