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Re: Going Veggie

Captain Picard. wrote: View Post
I have a friend that is a veggie she is not very healthy because she does not like vegetables! I say to her you should not become a veggie because meat is the only thing that is keeping you healthy but she does not listen all she eats is junk food.
Captain Picard. wrote: View Post
But all she eats is cake and energy drinks. Before she went veggie she ate meat and was healthy. I am still trying to persuade her to go back.
Captain Picard. wrote: View Post
teacake wrote: View Post
Let me guess, she's a teenager.
No, she is 31
Captain Picard. wrote: View Post
I am just worried about her that is all

It sounds like she's being very irresponsible. The problem isn't her not eating meat, it's not eating anything healthy. Vegetables and fruits provide vital nutrients the body needs to survive, but if all one eats are sweets, or meat, one is going to get very sick, very fast. She needs to eat fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, and grains, otherwise she's just going to get sicker. I do hope your friend changes her dietary habits. You say you're persuading her to go back, have you told her how concerned you are for her that she's not eating properly?
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