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Re: Does It Get Better???

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A tear?

I'm... my god.. you're converted.

I bet if you go back to the beginning some time you'll appreciate a whole lot of eps you were meh about originally.
Converted? Not sure if I'd go that far. Looking back over the entire show, season 6 is the only season I've given high praise to. Season 7 might be added to that, but that's still only the last two seasons of a seven season run. Not good statistics. Granted, it's possible that maybe my own perception has changed. If that's the case, then yes I would probably view the show differently today if I rewatched it from the beginning, possibly for the better. But we won't know if that's the case or not because I have no intention of rewatching Voyager for a very long time, if ever, except for season 6 and maybe 7. If this show ever gets a blu ray release I'll probably nab the last two seasons, but I'm not so certain about the first 5.
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