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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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^I haven't read the "Archons" adaptation yet, but from what I gather, that could be more a case of what we thought we knew being wrong, rather than the facts actually being different.
It's incompatible. It doesn't make the comic a bad story in its own right but it should've been an original story.
How exactly is it incompatible?

The main possible differences I can see relate to the apparent age of the Beta III civilization. In the comic, the civilization is in a single city less than a hundred years old, product of a single Earth colony mission using some advanced technology to get started; in the TV show, the civilization is presented as upwards of six thousand years old and apparently indigenous.
And in the original episode, Landru (the original) is native to Beta III. He's not a Starfleet officer named 'Cornelius Landru' as in the comic.

Then again, I agree that the only things we ever know about Beta III's past in the original episode came from the people talking about it. So I suppose it could have gone down as the comic showed. Besides, the people on Beta III look so completely human, as does their city...
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