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Re: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt2 *SPOILERS*

I liked it better than part one. The animation was very crisp and neat. I liked the 80s nods, especially the Reagan, though he wasn't drawn so exaggeratedly in the film as he was in the comics. I thought everyone did very good voice work, especially Weller and Valley. I wasn't going bananas over Emerson's Joker. I liked how he was drawn, but I wish he had let loose a little more. He was a bit too restrained, IMO.

Some of my favorite scenes in part 2 were actually Yindel's hunt for Batman. I think by the time of the big climatic battle, I was starting to lose interest. Though it was done well enough. Perhaps my interest flagged in part because I've read the graphic novel a few times and knew what was going to happen. But for the most part it was an enjoyable film.

Intrigued by Superman: Unbound and will probably pick that one up when it comes out.
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