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But all she eats is cake and energy drinks. Before she went veggie she ate meat and was healthy. I am still trying to persuade her to go back.
Then I'm sorry, but she's an idiot.

She doesn't need to eat meat to be healthy (in fact, from what you said, if she lived mainly on meat that's not very much healthier than cake and energy drinks), she just needs to eat more variety of foods and take a vitamin tablet or two.

I'm not the worlds biggest fruit and vegetable fan, but there is a lot of soya, quorn and other meat substitutes. In the last week I've had a chicken style pie, veggie bacon, veggie burgers, curries with rice, pasta with veggie beef pieces in a tomato and garlic sauce, stuff on toast, cheese and onion sandwiches, the list goes on and on. She can't live on cake. Amongst other things she will get scurvy - let's see if her Doctor spots that one ! Can't imagine he will have seen a case before.

It sounds to me as if her going veggie may be masking some sort of eating disorder...
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