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Re: 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Extravaganza!

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at tehrisk of sounding foolish: could someone please explein in detail all the Valentine customs in the US? I know them only from vague references on TV (The Peanuts, for example). Over here, you give your S.O. a few flowers ane maybe if you're very romantic a breakfast in bed, but that's it. In the US it seems to be a very complicated ritual involving chocolates, flowers and cards (preferably homemade ones?). It's puzzling for a foreigner.

(btw, congrats to all who were actually or almost born in Germany =) I am a honeymoon baby, made in Austria or propably in Venice - definitely foreign )
The UK is a bit like the US when it comes to Valentines day, Chocolate, flowers (esp. Red Roses), Champagne, like you said Breakfast in bed, or romantic get away in a hotel etc... And of course the anonymous card
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