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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The Clone Wars action figure line is effectively dead and buried after the first (and only) wave of 2013. Hasbro's Toy Fair reps told the collecting sites that they're ending it.

I didn't care for it at first and steered clear of buying more than a few of them the first couple of years, but starting with the 2010-11 "Shadow of the Dark Side" packaging design containing the Galactic Battle Game components I started picking up more and more of the often wildly cool and interesting characters from the TV series. For the record, the prequel-era Chewbacca from this line is better than many of the figures based on the movie character....he's incredibly detailed and simply stunning.

There were quite a few figures from the line I never got to see in stores and cost WAY too much on the secondary market (the animated Darth Sidious being the main one, a figure that is probably one of the hardest-to-find SW toys of the last three years) but at least the line had a run of close to five straight years, which is a lot longer than most figure lines of any franchise last these days. Farewell, Clone Wars. You were enjoyed. At least the show itself still has at least one year left in it.
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