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Re: So is there really no money in Star Trek

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
I think it's Voyager which said money went out of style in the 22nd century.
Which was a strange thing for Tom Paris to say. Either he was dead wrong, or money came back into style only a few decades later.

Paris: "In warp flight, no left or right."

Pavonis wrote: View Post
Warp drive, transporters and phasers are all readily accepted
But these are "merely" technological devices. Warp drive a engine, the transporter a high tech elevator, the phaser a weapon. And in all those examples there have been efforts (often with techno-babble) to explain how they worked.

There never been any effort to explain the "no money" economic system, not even with some version of economic-babble. That is because (as I understand it) no one on the show, Roddenberry included, had the slightest idea how it was supposed to work. The best we even got was Picard saying "the economics of the future are somewhat different."

Come on Jean Luc, put some effort into it.

Why the inability to accept the possibility? Is it because people think they understand economics better than they understand physics
It isn't economic or physics, it sociology and psychology. To transistion to a warp drive would require a modern Human to gain an understanding of the controls and principals, we might not be able to manufacture one, but we (today) could operate one.

Transitioning to a no money (everyone volunteering) system would require a fundamental change in Human psychology. And this is why the very concept is rejected.

referred to as Economics 2.0, was used by a new transhuman society.
And how many people in the Federation are trans-Human? Or even just among the Humans?

One of the things I believe about the Federation, is that it has a dizzying number of different types of economic system, governing styles, cultures and societies, what I resist and reject is the Federation having (somehow) just one type of anything from one end to the other.

I envision the various Federation members having everything from oppressive and dysfunctional central planning, all the way through to laissez faire and caveat emptor capitalism, depending on which Federation world we're talking about. And while I have no problem (really I don't) in the system spoken of by two characters exist among a limited group of Humans and others, I do have a problem with the insistence by some fans that this system is near universal in the Federation, or even among the majority of Humans.

The Members of the Federation likely do not have a universal anything.

... something complex that developed over time as the Federation tied its member societies closer together.
Coming up with a system of compensation to encourage interstellar trade would be a good idea. Having it be "you give me your stuff, and I'll give you absolutely nothing in return" probably wasn't the system arrived at.

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