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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

^The USS Archon's saucer must have been in the next room.

I'm used to Trek (especially Trek lit) subtly and sometimes not-so-subtly rewriting things. That the Next Gen crew somehow missed that Soong wasn't really dead in "Brothers" and had an underground lab with an advanced android body he was just waiting to transfer his conciousness into? Yeah, LOL, okay. *wink*

Then there's the whole concept of how literally we should take events from a TV show or movie. For example The Captain's Daughter implies that Evil!Kirk raped Janice in "The Enemy Within", although of course his attack was not shown going that far in the epsiode itself. But could it have happened given the situation? Unfortunately, yes. Would a real-life Gorn look like the guy in the rubber suit from "Arena" or even the dodgy CG from "In a Mirror, Darkly"? Of course not.

Open to a lot of interpretation, I say.
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