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Re: 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Extravaganza!

I'm just reacting to random elements in life glomming onto my brain.

It goes like this..

People are often with struggles, you can't always see them--->that's why it's nice to show appreciation---->but there can only be FIVE only five.. someone or someones must be left behind----->and what if the one or the ones left behind are the most secretly needy? what if they read all this OH THANK YOU MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE BY THIS WONDERFUL BIT OF BBS LOVIN' and inside they die a little, or more than a little, because no one sent them a flower..

So I've been thinking if I send NO flowers my neglect of any one individual is not personal.

I neglected them.. I neglected them ALL. And not just the popular ones, but the dull ones and the flaptains too!!

Like, totally equal neglect. Which I feel bad about.

There is no way to win at this holiday.

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