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Re: New Image Released Showing Harrison With Raised Spinal Ridges

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This is creating more speculation on Harrisons character on other forums.
How much more speculation on these unspecified and un-linked other forums, I wonder?

The apparent bumps got one passing mention in another thread here - one - and it may have been less than completely serious. And (until this thread) no one's mentioned thinking that the redshirts were looking at Harrison's back; guy on the right seems to be looking at or past the redshirt next to him, anyway, rather than at Harrison.

I was kinda-sorta half serious... I think...
It is awfully pronounced...
I'm not saying I really believe it's Klingon in nature...
But even with his head slightly tilted forward, his spine shouldn't be that obvious unless he's been starving for a few weeks.

Try it yourself, tilt your head forward and run your hand over your back... the bumps are there but not sticking out that far.
I've worked in a hospital for over 35 years and have only seen that kind of pronounced spinal column, in people with some kind of deformity like scoliosis or folks who are severely under nourished.

I could be waaay off base, but it looks to me like that's specifically there for a reason.

Maybe he's wearing some kind of harness or something to do with picking up his voice during the recording of the movie???

I don't really have a clue, but it is kinda strange.
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