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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

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Or it could be absolutely none of those things. Until we get a West Wing style series specifically about the UFP, I doubt we'll ever know. But we can guess our asses off.
Those open-minded enough to accept the novels [...]
A commercial for trek lit? Complete with a detailed list of trek novels? And an ad personam if you don't "accept" the novels?
Isn't that considered trolling here?
Hey, not everyone thinks the novels are the best thing since TOS. I, for one, don't accept them as an extension of canon. I think many are unimaginative. For instance, depicting the government and politics of a huge, multi-species interstellar polity as being just like the United States, with elections, campaigns, and political talking heads on "TV" debating policy seems implausible to me.

Looking back, I think Roddenberry's idea to keep any depiction of the future Earth out of Star Trek was a great idea. Depicting something that really should be radically different should be avoided if it can't be done justice. The inner workings of the UFP strikes me as something that can't be depicted in any plausible way.
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