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Re: Does It Get Better???

Really glad you enjoyed "Flesh & Blood" and appreciated to civil rights topic of if. I find it an often misunderstood ep. among many.

"Repentence" not so much. I think the ep ruins the subject matter when he's cured by Seven's nanos. I think they should have kept him insane but not willingly violent. I think it would have been a more effective argument of they had gone with he need to be in treated with medication for his illness instead of being in prison. I think it would have worked better as maybe a Tuvok story, seeing how already had the experience before with Suder. I also think it's corny how Neelix keeps getting conned see how he spend a major majority of his life as a con artist himself. 7 years on Voyager don't make you loose your street smarts to know when you're being conned.
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