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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Warworld really needs to learn to attack on a roundabout path instead of straight ahead.
But then they'd have to rename it Guerilla War World.

And how does a space station the size of a large moon attack stealthily?
Well, first it needs to position itself behind Rhea, and...



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I do appreciate that this show acknowledges that you can't bring something the size of a moon into Earth orbit without it having some effects....Smallville and ID4 I'm looking at you
Except for the unfortunate mention of "tidal waves" in the same breath as "tides", even though they're unrelated. I guess that's why Cat Grant is better as a gossip columnist.

Although I suppose the tidal effects would also cause earthquakes leading to tsunamis.

I thought it was hysterical that Mongul was playing it absolutely straight. By everything that's known about the Reach, he probably would have been doing the Earth a favor. How many villains can say that?

Guess that shoots down my pet theory about Green Beetle being a possessed and disguised J'onn.

I wonder what the public will make of an armed Reach fleet appearing out of nowhere, right after they announced publicly that they didn't have one? Surely the media got some footage.
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