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Re: Which Movie From One To Six Has The Best Quotes And One Liners ???

Whenever I'm quoting Star Trek lines, the ones that come most easily to mind are from TUC. It had a lot of good ones IMHO. Not to say that the dialogue from any of the other movies was bad but there were a lot of good one-liners in TUC- moreso than the other movies, which seemed, on whole, to have less dialogue in general.

Chang: "In space, all warriors are cold warriors"

Kirk: "Still think we're finished?
McCoy: "More than ever!"

Kirk: "He was just about to tell us everything!"
Chekov: "You want to go back?"
McCoy: "Absolutely NOT!"

Spock: "Doctor, would you care to assist me in performing surgery on a torpedo?"
McCoy: "Sounds fascinating!"

McCoy: "I'd pay real money for him (Chang) to shut up!"

Kirk: "Well, once again, we've saved civilization as we know it."
McCoy: "And they're not going to be pressing charges."

Spock: "If I were human, I believe my response would be, go to hell! If I were human...."

Of course, the whole part about the bridge crew speaking Klingon-ese en route to Rura Penthe was hilarious!

I do like a lot of lines from TSFS though, particularly during the Enterprise theft scene.

Sulu: "Don't call me tiny!"

Uhura: "This isn't reality. This is fantasy! You wanted adventure, how's this? Feel the old adrenaline flowing? Now, get in the closet!

Styles: "Bridge, this the Captain. How can you have a yellow alert in Spacedock?"

and then, of course, there's:

Kirk: "Klingon bastards! You killed my son!"


Kirk: "Sorry about your crew but as we say on Earth, C'est LaVie!"


Kirk: "I........have had......enough....of....YOU!!!!"

Maltz: "Wait! You told me that you were going to kill me!"
Kirk: "I lied."

On second tought, maybe it's a toss up for me on these two.
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