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Re: KRE-O toys revealed, including new Klingon bird of prey!

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That seems to confirm that this ship in the trailer is the new Bird-Of_Prey:

I've just realized, the small ship the BoP is persuing here is very probably one of the "Enterprise fighter pods" Kre-o are advertising.

The Enterprise has fighters, Kre-o spoiled it and seemingly nobody's noticed yet...
I think you might be mistaken. I think those fighter pods have nothing to do with the movie.

Here is what Trek Movie says.
Also announced was the Toys R Us exclusive Star Trek Fighter Pods. Fighter Pods have a huge following among Star Wars fans, and this is a welcomed surprise. For those unfamiliar with Fighter Pods, they are plastic pods with launchers, usually a ship, that contain miniature figures that are used to battle each other.
Sounds like they're something you can get with other Kre-o toys.
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