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Re: Looking for book recomendations

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You could read Articles of the Federation, by Keith R.A. DeCandido. The book has a first contact component and delves into Federation Government/Politics.
Huh, I just started reading it and I can already tell the author has watched every episode of The West Wing. Nan Bacco is a little too similar to Jed Bartlet right down to the back story.

The character traits of her staff match that of his to varying degree's too. She even has a secretary that is snarky.
Hmm. I don't mean to be picking this apart but this inspired me to compare and contrast the characters.

Articles is obviously very West Wing-like, but I don't agree that Bacco as a character is so similar to Bartlet. They're both snarky and have a cantankerous old secretary who's been with them forever, but Bartlet is far more patrician in his manner, whereas Bacco has a very homespun, down-to-earth temperament. I could easily see Bacco calling Bartlet "high-falutin'," but I can't possibly imagine Bacco cursing God out in Latin.

Their backgrounds are only similar insofar as they were both the governors first; Bacco, so far as we know, was not a world-renowned (or, I suppose, quadrant-renowned) economist prior to becoming governor the way Bartlet was, nor did Bacco ever serve on the Federation Council the way Bartlet served in the U.S. House.

KRAD has been pretty frank about saying Bacco was inspired by a combination of former Texas Governor Anne Richards, the late columnist Molly Ivans, the character of Jed Bartlet, and by his late great-grandmother.
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