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^Umm, for future reference, the saying is "a make-or-break issue," i.e. one that either "makes" it work for you or totally ruins ("breaks") it for you.
I posted that off of a Kindle Fire HD, and didn't even notice the screwup.

Just thought I'd make that clear.

Here's my review of Episode 2, cross-posted from elsewhere:
Now that's how you pace an episode of Power Rangers and set up a season.

Mega Mission laid the foundational groundwork for what this season is going to be, and He Basted Me with Science started to build on it. This ep reminded me of Race to the Rescue, Something to Fight For, and Save Our Ship n terms of how it used the villains and set up the introduction of the Zords and Megazord.

Plot-wise, I really liked the character interaction, especially between Jake and Gia; the writers are definitely going with a Zach/Angela and Joel/ Ms. Fairweather dynamic, which works for both characters. I also liked that they're parsing out bits of info about the villains but without really giving us a hierarchy for them, which can sometimes hold back character development since it can lead to pigeonholeing.

Aesthetically, I liked the return of the narration synopsis, but wish that they would've had it debut last week rather than this week. I also didn't mind not going to the 'command center' except at the very end of the ep because not having Gosei be 'exposition guy' let the Rangers' characters shine through.

I'm so glad we got individual Zord action; not only are the Mechazords freaking awesome design-wise, we get to see that they're all individualized as well. I didn't mind Troy's "I'm really flying a dragon" line, as it sounds totally like something I'd say if I were in his shoes.

I really don't have any gripes with this ep other than that I would've done Troy and Creepox's first encounter in real time instead of as a flashback. That's just a personal mindset, though, and isn't really a big deal.
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