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Re: Unexpected Wildlife Encounters

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So, yesterday morning, I'm awakened at 6 A.M. by a strange, loud chattering noise. I throw on some clothes and go outside to look, and there are two raccoons mating in the yard next door. I've lived in the same place for 30 years and I've seen opossums and even a skunk one time, but no raccoons until now.

Cute little buggers, aren't they? Oh,and they copulate for a LONG time -- often for over an hour. If only I had a cellphone camera or a camcorder, I'd be posting raccoon porn.

So, has anyone else had an unexpected encounter with wild critters lately?
I never met a skunk in that neighborhood (you could tell now and then that they'd been around) but used to see possums all the time - the block wall separating the apartment building where I lived from the one on the next street over was like an opossum main thoroughfare. Meetings with raccoons were much less frequent, always unexpected, but never involved copulation.

Where I live now, there's a young Cooper's hawk I've met a couple of times. Once, he'd just caught a gopher underneath the big cedar next to our driveway; the other time he'd been cornered on the ground by crows, and my walking unannounced around the corner of the house distracted the crows for long enough that he was able to make his exit.
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