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I may have missed this somewhere before, but wasn't Jadzia the CO of the Defiant while Sisko was Admiral Ross' adjutant? And wasn't she still in her blue uniform?
That was a temporary command, not a permanent one. We've seen non-command division officers take over a ship for a limited duration before like Data did with the Sutherland and Crusher with the Enterprise-D.
I thought it was a permanent change since Sisko became the Admiral's Adjutant. As Adjutant he wasn't going to be off laying traps for the Jem'Hadar like Jadzia and Worf did. I would say that he was given back command of the Defiant to lead the assault to retake DS9. So while it may have looked temporary, the ship was Jadzia's until it was time for Sisko to retake DS9 and get his old command back.

I'll grant you that my interpretation would be stronger if Jadzia switched to a red uniform. And she does look good in red if Trials and Tribbile-ations is anything to go by.

One last thing, if one need not be a Captain to captain a starship; then it is possible one need not be in red to captain one either. But Jadzia could have been a special case, with 7 hosts worth of experience and the former CO her closest friend, her name plaque for the Captains office could have been sitting in Sisko's room on the Defiant since it came to DS9.
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