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TNG Caption This! 304: Love is in the atmosphere...

Hello everyone! I'd like to say that this week was difficult to judge, I'm not complaining, a lot of LOL's were had today! So thank you, everyone!

First up to the plate, we have the "I know what you meant, I'm walking away because you said it that way" Award, going to:

Richard III wrote: View Post

No Worf, I meant a different love tunnel.
Next, we have the "Campaign Promises" Award, going to:

inflatabledalek wrote: View Post

Duras: And the first thing I shall do as Chancellor is increase the amount of child support payable by absentee fathers.
Next, we have the "There's a lot of stories here...." Award, going to:

Triskelion wrote: View Post

K'Ehleyr: I've called you all here to discuss my pregnancy test. It was negative.

<All breathe sigh of relief>


Next, we have the "Don Jean-Luc" Award, going to:

Mojochi wrote: View Post

Picard: Some day, and that day may never come... I may call upon you to do a service for me. Probably when I'm in deep shit with the Romulans
Next, we have the "And how many of those are true stories?" Award, going to:

Jonas Grumby wrote: View Post

Crusher: "It's an old Internet site called FanFiction.Net. There's a whole section about us! And, according to these stories, the only person on this ship I haven't slept with is Wesley!"
Riker: "Oh yeah? Check out"

Next, we have the "Duke Nukem" Award, going to:

Holdfast wrote: View Post

ENTERPRISE-D: I came here to chew through dilithium crystals and kick ass... and I'm all out of dilithium crystals.
The Photoshop Award, goes to:

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

K'EHLEYR: Yeah, it's a reuse of one of the movie sets. So what?

Bry_Sinclair wrote: View Post

Crusher: Will, look at this. I noticed something odd on the sickbay security cameras.
Riker: What is it, Doctor?
Crusher: Doctor Selar always leaves the room a couple of minutes before Ambassador K'Ehleyr arrives. Then a few minutes after she leaves, Selar returns.
Riker: That is odd...

Isis wrote: View Post

Captain's log, Stardate 45345.6. We're being attacked, three ships to our one. What am I doing making a log entry?
Congratulations to our winners and many thanks again to all who participated!

Another Thank you, to everyone for so awesomely embracing the whole "Captain's Log" concept. So many great entries for the new award, such great creativity and comedy. Bravo.

And now, we will take a 1 week break from our 300th Contest journey through the seasons to celebrate Singles Awareness Day AKA Valentine's Day for you happy people in love.


And Happy Valentine's Day to you!
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