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Re: NBC's 'Do No Harm' = Biggest Flop in Network TV History!

Wow, even more actors who have reputations as "show-killers." Usually I'd expect to hear a reference to Summer Glau, or maybe Ted McGinley. Of course, the more examples there are of actors with that reputation, the more it underlines how ludicrous the very idea is. Most TV series die young; that's the norm, not the exception. So any steadily working actor has a good chance of being in a number of different short-lived shows; indeed, that's more likely than having steady employment in a long-running hit.

Heck, just the other day, I saw that Chi McBride has got a new series upcoming, and that made me realize how many short-lived shows he's been in. He's had a couple of shows that ran four seasons each, The John Larroquette Show and Boston Public, but he's starred in a number of shorter-lived series -- The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer, Killer Instinct, The Nine, and Pushing Daisies all ran one season while Human Target lasted two. (Plus he's the voice of Nick Fury on Ultimate Spider-Man, currently early in its second season, and it's too early to tell how much life that has in it.) Yet for some reason nobody seems to have saddled him with a "show-killer" label -- perhaps because he has had a couple of successes. But then, McGinley had regular or recurring roles in several long-running series, so it's odd that he got a show-killer reputation. Just goes to show how unconnected to reality such perceptions can be.
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