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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Hound of UIster wrote: View Post
Thanks for the Mara pic. Looks like they even included her microblaster.

TF related:

Blitzwing there looks like it has multiple heads ala the recent Animated Cartoon incarnation.
Yeah, he looks to have the rotating face gimmick from his Animated version. It remains to be seen if he also has three faces or just the Animated and G1 inspired ones.

Hound of UIster wrote: View Post
Videos of the TF stuff.

Generations (triplechangers)

Fall of Cybertron Generations (wreckers)

All that Generations stuff is bought. All of it. I've never been so universally happy with the first figures from a new TF line before. Megatron is a goddamn stealth bomber. How can you not love that?
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