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Re: The Orb - a new DS9 podcast

Just started listening to episode one, and the piano solo of the theme song is absolutely beautiful. Is there a place to get that or does that go against paramount copyright rules. That might have been the best version of the theme I've ever heard, but then I think I love anything dealing with just the Piano.

Great first episode, and I do have a topic you guys can talk about. You guys said that the first two seasons have it's struggles, but I would love it if you devoted an entire episode on Season 2. I've always considered Season 2 one of the series' best seasons and we're talking about misjudged conceptions in the other thread, I think Season 2 qualifies as mis-judged (And that was the point in the article I agreed with the most). It was a transition year between the Bajoran stuff to the introduction of the Dominion, and I really liked how that season developed, from a political, to adventure, and all in between. You can really cover a lot of ground talking about what I think is DS9's mis-understood season and one of the most underappreciated seasons in all of Star Trek.

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