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Re: 10 Reason ST:DS9 Misjudged

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No sense in wasting your breath.

You have a group of devoted DS9 fans that are convinced it was nailed upon the cross and died for our Trek sins.

And you have a collection of arrogant, dismissive individuals who think they can paint a portion of fans of a show with a broad brush.

I for one am a huge DS9 fan who does not come close to having the opinion that you implied. Besides long ago I stopped caring what others thought of DS9. If someone doesn't like it, oh well, the world still goes on. I grew up on TOS, TNG and later DS9. I will always love all three shows. Nonetheless I can still agree with the writer of the article because that writer, like me, doesn't appear to have any amnomosity towards those who have rejected DS9. He and I both agree however on the reasons why fans may not have warmed up to the show. And as I made clear in a previous post those reasons are perfectly acceptable. Move on and stop being insecure when DS9 fans have the audacity to enjoy positive writeups of the show.
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